How To Build A Chicken Coop


Wooden Chicken Coops - Basics Of Designs Made From Wood

Out of several chicken house designs, the wooden ones are the most popularly built. These coops are comprised of wood and chicken wires and are built with one or two doors and some windows for proper air circulation inside. Aside from having building plans to follow for making wooden chicken coops, you also need some tips and some advice on what can make the coop you plan to construct durable enough in any kind of weather.

Wooden Chicken CoopFirst and foremost, you have to think about the actual size of the house for your chickens. No matter how convenient and how attractive your actual designs are, if the pen is not big enough for your fowls, you'll have a major problem. You see, if the hens crowd one another, they won't have enough air and it will be easier for diseases to spread, thus, when you select coop building plans, they should be ones that have measurements big enough for all your hens.

When constructing wooden chicken coops, bear in mind too that you should be using high quality wood, to be specific, wood that's treated so that it becomes more water resistant to endure rainy, stormy, or even wintery weather. If the wood you use isn't treated, it will rot especially when it gets wet. Whichever wooden designs you select, you should also ensure that the finished coop is solid. It is a must that you use mounting posts with at least this measurement: four by four, and lumber for the rafters and the beams measuring at least two by four.

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Some people make use of cheap building materials because of their desire to spend less when setting up wooden chicken coops. This is a huge no-no, however, because in the long run, they'll have to repair or rebuild the coops that were easily damaged or weren't durable enough due to the poor quality of materials used. Aside from treated lumber, other materials you'll need as seen in hen house construction plans include: nails, screws, shingles that you'll use to protect your fowls from bad weather, mesh wires, among others.

No matter which designs you choose for the chicken pen, you should not forget to add features such as insulation and ventilation that are needed to keep your birds healthy and alive. Without ventilation and insulation, your chickens will have heat stroke, will die from hypothermia, or will suffocate. You should also construct roosts or perches for your fowls and see to it that they have nesting boxes in the event that they'll be laying eggs.

These are some of the pointers and basics of building wooden chicken coops. Always include them in your plans to ensure your hens' safety, happiness, and good health.

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