How To Build A Chicken Coop


Urban Chicken Coops

Urban chicken coops have become a craze nowadays. Even if you live in the city, you can still care for some chickens and put up a home for them right in your own backyard.

Learn to build your own urban chicken coopIf you have plans of caring for some hens, it is best that you read this article as it will not only give you pointers on how to build chicken houses, but will also give you more information on pens or coops of the urban kind.

Before you set up a house for fowls, of course, there are some factors you have to consider. If you are still in the midst of buying some chickens to care for, you have to decide on what type of hen you'll get. If you want smaller sized birds, consider the bantams or the Bantie Hens. The Silky Bantam is a good example, and is small in size, beautiful, and have plumage that is soft to the touch like silk, hence the name Silky or Silkie. More and more people are actually making urban chicken coops for Silkies - some make these bantams as pets while some breed them and earn from their eggs.

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If you have other pets, it is also best that you consider them in your plans to take care of chickens. Cats and some dogs can attack your hens, especially the chicks, so if your cat or your dog or other larger pets are used to roaming around the yard, you should think twice about raising fowls, or at least take precautionary measures for the safety of your birds.

Before purchasing a guide on how to build a chicken coop, make sure too that you live in a city that allows urban chicken coops to be built. Cities in the United States such as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, among others, allow residents to care for chickens, but, there's usually a certain number of chickens allowed per household e.g. no more than 5 hens and no actual roosters allowed. One of the best steps you should take prior to getting hens and creating coops is to go to your State's or City's local government office and check if hens are allowed.

It is also highly recommended that you attend seminars on raising or caring for fowls, and if there are seminars about how to build urban chicken coops, the better it will be for you to join those tutorials or seminars. You can also read up on various articles and e-books found on the World Wide Web that discuss in detail about the subject. You should make certain too that you'll get a hold of plans that are complete and that can instruct you properly on how you can construct the best coop for your hens.

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