How To Build A Chicken Coop


Building Simple Chicken Coops

Purchasing a ready made home for your chickens is easier to do than to build one, but is more costly. If you want to shell out only a little amount of money and be able to customize the hen house at the same time, better search for plans that teach you how to construct simple chicken coops so that you'll be able to create a pen for your chickens with your two hands.

Simple Chicken CoopBuilding a small coop is recommended if you only have 2 - 4 chickens to care for. If you plan to use those hens for breeding or for egg laying and selling purposes, however, a bigger house is required. Whether you'll be constructing a big home or a smaller house for your fowls, there are some tips you should keep in mind for you to be able to build successfully. Here are several of those tips:

Tip Number One: Choose the right guide from among the many plans on chicken house construction that you'll come across on the World Wide Web. It is best that you focus on resources that show you how to create simple chicken coops, especially if this is your first time building a coop or if you're not an expert in carpentry. Check out small hen house construction guides if you'll be putting up a home for a few hens, and big chicken house building resources if you have a big number of fowls to take care of.

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Tip Number Two: Before you build the pen for chickens, you have to make certain first that you have all the necessary materials. You can buy the tools and materials from a hardware store, from an auction shop or a yard sale if you want to lessen your expenditure, or, you can search for scrap materials in your residence so that you can erect simple chicken coops for free or with just a few dollars.

Tip Number Three: Select a clean and safe area where you'll put up the home for the fowls. Whether what you'll be creating is a small coop or a huge coop for the chickens, remember to include in your plans the actual spot where you'll place the hen house. Do not place it near a pile of garbage or in an area that's dirty as your chickens' health will surely suffer. You should also avoid constructing the coops in a spot of land that gets flooded easily. Do not build the house for your fowls in a location that's full of high grass or uncut shrubbery to avoid insect infestation that can bother or hurt your birds.

In building simple chicken coops, complicated chicken pens, or any other kind of home for your chickens, remember too that you should not forget adding some windows, a door or two, a durable fence, and some insulation materials for the protection and better health of your chickens.

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