How To Build A Chicken Coop


The A to Z of Keeping and Raising Backyard Chickens

Build your own chicken coop in 3 days or lessRaising backyard chickens entails hard work and a real interest in the poultry business. It is not exactly back-breaking work, but there are still a lot of things that should be done to make sure that the chickens remain healthy to provide investment returns.

Some note-worthy advice are provided in this article for people planning on raising backyard chickens. Here goes

1. For urban dwellers, check the regulations on keeping chickens in the backyard. Chances are, specific rules are in place on what breed are allowed, what coop design can be built and what color the chicken house should be.

2. Choose the breed of chickens with the climate in mind. There are certain breeds that thrive in cold areas, while there are those that are not very good in coping with cold weather.

3. Build a coop with the breed and the number of chickens in mind. The best type is a simple dog-house coop with a chicken run attached. Choose materials according to availability and the type of weather perennial in the area.

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4. Provide protection against predatory animals by fencing the yard and making sure that the coop is properly secured without sacrificing proper ventilation.

5. Prepare for both cold and hot seasons. One way of doing this is to have a light bulb inside the coop that will provide warmth during the winter and by having a chicken run made of wire mesh to offer chickens open air during the summer season.

6. Always keep the feeds well-stocked. Layers and pellets are the most common food for chickens. Keeping feed containers clean is also important. It will be better if both feeds and water are put in heavy containers, like terra-cotta or ceramic, or anchored on the floor or walls of the coop so that chickens will not turn them over.

7. Provide perches and roosting poles so chickens will stay put during the night and will not seek higher levels where they can sleep such as branches of trees, or worse, your neighbor's roof.

8. Design the coop in such a way that litter boxes and floors and other sections can be easily cleaned. A sloping floor will make cleaning easier as the dirt can just be easily hosed down.

Raising backyard chickens can be fun, but it also requires dedication and natural interest to make the venture work. The good thing about it all is that it can be very profitable and you can have a steady supply of natural, chemical-free eggs and chicken meat for your table whenever you want it.

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Build your own chicken coop in 3 days or less

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