How To Build A Chicken Coop


Printable Chicken Coop Plans

Printable chicken coop plans will serve as your guide to building a home for your hens. There are various building plans available over the World Wide Web, but not all of them are complete. The resource you use should not only contain information on the importance of a coop for chickens or the advantages of constructions coops on your own. Your guide should list down all the materials for making the coop and also explain each step on how you can set up a house for your fowls.

Build your own chicken coop step by stepThe following factors or things should be discussed in detail in the plan you'll be following, for it to be considered a good or complete guide:

The best chicken house plans should tell you the actual space required per chicken. In general, each hen should have at least four square feet of its own space. Any measurement lower than 4 square feet per bird will result to overcrowding. That can lead to fights among your hens, negative chicken behaviour, and so on. Keep in mind that chickens are considered territorial animals so they need their own space, specifically enough space.

Ventilation is also an important factor that you have to consider when constructing a home for your fowls. If there isn't enough air that can get into the coop, you'll make the hens prone to gas poisoning as their feces are made up of ammonia, and that can be toxic and make them really unhealthy. You should steer clear of printable chicken coop plans that do not touch on the subject of ventilation, or that do not give you instructions on how to keep the pen well ventilated.

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If the plan is concentrated on creating a wooden chicken coop, it should also tell you to make use of treated wood, or at least remind you to have the lumber you'll be using for coop building treated. Treated wood prevents rot and is durable, especially during stormy weather, rainy days, and the like.

Another subject that should be tackled in whichever guide you select is how you can easily maintain the hen house. If the coop is too small that you'll be having great difficulties in accessing it to give food to your birds, tidy up their house, etc, then, you won't be able to maintain the pen properly.

The actual area where you should build the home for your fowls should also be explained in the plan. For example, you should not erect the hen house in an area where the soil's too soft as that can mean that the area could flood easily, and for sure, you would not want your birds to drown. Putting up the coop in a slightly elevated piece of land is a good idea.

See to it that you'll depend on printable chicken coop plans that are complete and factual to ensure that you'll be constructing a fine coop for your chickens.

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