How To Build A Chicken Coop


Advantages of Portable Chicken Coops

Why a Mobile Coop Is the Best Option for Poultry Newbies

Portable chicken coops might be the best option for those who have just started raising chickens. People who want to try their hand on chicken breeding usually test waters by getting eight or 12 chickens first to see what it's like.

Advantages of a mobile coop

Build Your Own Chicken CoopThe best thing about a mobile chicken house is that it is quite easy to build and it will not cost much. Simple design plans are available for free online.

Portable coops also do not require too much space and will be light enough to be moved from one place to another. They can be moved to a higher place if the owner wants to protect his chickens from the wet ground during rainy days or put it outside when the weather is good and chickens are in need of a bit of sunshine.

Common materials for a portable coop

Most mobile coops are made of different parts that are connected by pins or snaps. They were made that way so that parts can be easily assembled or disassembled.

This allows the owner to clean parts easily and to move the coop into a different location if situation requires it. Most of them are also made from light but durable materials; like screen wire, wood, poly materials and, in some cases, galvanized metal for the roof.

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Extra features

There are a number of attractive and useful design plans for portable chicken coops. Most of them even have add-ons to make life easier for the owner and, at the same time, provide comfort to the flock.

One special feature that is very useful is wheel and handle in accordance with the term "mobile." Imagine a wagon with a wheel in the front-center part and two wheels at each corner at the back with a handle that you can use to drag it from one place to another.

This wagon-like feature is very useful in moving the coop. The owner need not haul the structure if there is a need to relocate. He can just grab the handle and the wheels will do all the work.

Another feature that would be wise to add is a slide cover. This can be a slat of light metal or a poly material that you can use as a gate or just to cover one side if there is a need.

It can be easily put in place or removed if the situation requires it. Sliding it on or off will not require much effort and will provide necessary protection when it is needed.

Portable chicken coops are ideal for a small flock and for areas with unpredictable weather. The light structure would provide ample protection without requiring too much effort from the owner in terms of maintenance.

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