How To Build A Chicken Coop


Plans For Chicken Coops - Building Backyard Coops

Because of the fact that building your own backyard coop for chickens is cheaper than buying a ready made one, it is no wonder that countless chicken owners nowadays prefer to construct hen houses with their own two hands. Creating a coop is actually easy. You just need to follow plans for chicken coops to the letter. Whether you plan to make a stationary house for your hens, or one that's portable, keep in mind these facts and follow these tips:

Look for a good spot to build the coop on

Build Your Own Chicken CoopWhere should you place the chicken house? For sure, most people will answer this question with: the backyard. The thing, however, is that not all spots in the yard may be suitable. Firstly, you should remember that coops are made to give the chickens shelter and protection from the weather and natural predators. Therefore, people can't just build hen houses in any location. You should choose a spot that's far from the garbage pits and a location that won't be subjected to flooding. Good plans for chicken coops are ones that give pointers on what the best location is for the coops.

The actual size of the chicken house

There are small and big coops that are portable. There are also big and small pens for hens that are fixed. Now, how will you determine if you need a small coop or a big one? That's easy. You just have to count the number of birds that you have. If you have about 2 up to 4 chickens, a small house is enough. 5 or more chickens, especially when they are to be bred, require large hen houses. In the event that you have an undersized backyard and you will be caring for more than 4 chickens, you can opt for ark plans for chicken coops as arks have several layers or levels that can give a larger number of fowls sufficient space. Smaller sized arks are good if you want something portable. Bigger arks should be made stationary.

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Types Of Coops

Generally, there are two kinds of chicken pens you can select from. There's the wooden coop and the plastic coop, also known as the Eglu. If you want an easy to build coop, go for the wooden type. People who want more modern designs that would look good in the yard may be interested in the Eglu types, but should not overlook the flexibility of building their own chicken coop using easy to follow plans. The reason for this is that you can incorporate all the elements you personally want into the design and will also save a serious amount of money when compared with a ready-made chicken coop. Urban chicken coops are recommended for owners who live in the city.

There are so many plans for chicken coops available online and you have to make sure that you pick one that's complete and suited to your requirements, and of course, suited to your actual chickens. Do not forget to consider the safety and health of your hens, plus ensure the sufficient ventilation as well as insulation of the coop.

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Building a Chicken Coop Guide

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