How To Build A Chicken Coop


How To Make A Chicken Coop - Some Step By Step Basics

Hens need shelter for safety and protection against the ever changing weather, the predators, and anything that can harm or kill them. If you have chickens, in other words, you can either buy a coop for your fowls, or, what's better is that you build one on your own, while following a step by step guide. Even a small hen house can be costly and if you don't want to hurt your budget, you better learn how to make a chicken coop and do the construction yourself.

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How to make a chicken coopHere are some of the things you should become aware of prior to constructing the coop, plus the usual steps you need to take to successfully create a good coop for your hens.

One of the things you'll have to think about is where you'll place the house for your fowls. You can't place it anywhere you like. You should look for the perfect area where you can build the coop. The spot should not be too far from your own residence that you won't be able to hear or notice if something's happening in the chicken house that's not right e.g. a wolf or a wild animal attacking your chickens. No matter how small or how big the pen you'll be creating, remember to erect it on a ground that does easily become submerged in flood in case of heavy rains and storms.

Your step by step resource on how to make a chicken coop should also tell you about treating the wood you'll use for the construction. Treated lumber can withstand any type of weather, even the wettest ones, and won't rot easily, making the coop last for so many years.

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Here are the common steps that will enable you to build a fine coop for your hens:

1. Create a foundation for the hen house by forming a 74 by 72 inches rectangular or square structure, with the walls or frames measuring 2 x 4, and the skids measuring 4 x 4. A good advice on how to make a chicken coop, whether a small one or a large one, is to install beams for additional support as well as a metal roof. When the roof's metal, predators won't be able to destroy it easily, compared to a wooden roof. You can use three fourth inch plywood for the floor if you wish.

2. Next, place some perches, about 2 x 2 in measurement, for your chickens inside the structure. You should not forget to make nesting boxes for your fowls, too. A nesting box measuring 15 x 15 x 12 is enough.

3. Add some windows for ventilation and a door or two, but be sure to cover these openings with strong chicken wires to keep any predator at bay. Build deep and durable fences around the coop as well so that predators can't dig under those fences and get to your hens.

These are the usual step by step instructions of how to make a chicken coop that you'll encounter in most coop building guides.

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