How To Build A Chicken Coop


How To Build A Chicken Coop

Step by Step Instructions on Building Portable Structures

Do you want to know how to build a chicken coop? Or to be more specific - a portable one? In this report, we will provide step by step instructions on a couple of portable coop designs that you can build on your own. So, get those tools and start working on building a chicken coop!

Portable design 1

Build Your Own Chicken CoopThis one is the crudest one you can make. But don't take it the wrong way; when we say crude, we just mean simple. This portable design can still protect your chicken and give them a roof over their head.

First, get yourself a galvanized wire mesh, the kind that is sometimes used as fence to hem in the cattle. The size would of course depend on how big you want your coop to be.

Next, form a curved structure like an inverted letter "U." You can anchor it on the ground by using wood framing hammered to the ends of the wire to close any opening at the bottom.

Cover the back entirely with the same mesh but leave the front open. The front is where you will put the rectangular door made of the same mesh and framed with wood. It should have a latch to open and close the door when needed.

This portable coop is ideal if you live in a place where the most extreme weather condition encountered is occasional light rain.

When it rains, you can use a tarp to cover the coop and protect the chickens. Just leave the lower half of the front open and a small space at the back uncovered to let air in and out.

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Portable design 2

Are you ready to learn how to build a chicken coop that takes things up a notch? This one is a bit more sophisticated than the first. What you're going to need is a wooden dog house that you can purchase at any pet supplies store, a chicken mesh wire, some nails and a hammer.

You can use the doghouse as the main part of the coop. Using the mesh wire; create another coop by using wooden framings on the bottom part and even at the sides if you want a more stable structure.

Attach this wired coop to the doghouse, closing all the gaps between wooden and wire structures to create an extended coop with the first part covered and the second part open to the elements.

Don't forget to put a small window at the back part of the doghouse if there is none to allow air coming in through the door to pass through the window. This structure offers a two-part coop with one part for the good weather and the other to provide cover to your chickens when it is raining or the wind is too strong.

Instructions on how to build a chicken coop are not too difficult to follow. Just visualize a space for your chickens where they can roost and take cover during rainy days and you're halfway there. 

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