How To Build A Chicken Coop


 Homemade Chicken Coops - Common Coop Making Plans

Are you thinking of buying some chickens and raising them for eggs, as pets or for business purposes? If you are, you should make plans first on whether you'll purchase a ready-made chicken house or you'll just build one on your own. The easy thing to do, of course, is to buy a pre-built pen, but it's much cheaper to construct homemade chicken coops yourself. If you need ideas on the kinds of hen houses you can set up, read below.

Homemade Chicken CoopThere are actually 3 popular types of coops that you can select from when planning to put one up for your birds. The easiest and smallest sized kind is the Portable coop or the A-frame chicken coop. A-frame or Portable coop building plans are meant for you if you only have 2 - 4 chickens to take care of. If you have a small backyard, this kind of hen house is also recommended.

Building it is really easy and it won't take you a whole day to complete it. The usual materials you'll need for the construction of homemade chicken coops that are based on A-frame designs or are portable, include: treated wood and some chicken wire.

In the event that you decide to raise more hens, remember that it won't be difficult for you to extend this kind of coop, so if you're undecided as to how many fowls you'll care for, better read up on guides that teach you how to build portable or A-frame coops.

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The larger kind of coop is called the Static coop with a Run. It's not as easy to put up as the portable type, but it's highly recommended if you have a large number of chickens, and want healthier chickens. You see, if you learn how to make this type of house for your fowls, you'll be able to provide more running space for your birds, not only because the inside of this coop is expected to be larger, but also because homemade chicken coops of the Static kind have runs for the hens.

If the fowls have wider space to run around in, they'll be happier not to mention healthier compared to chickens that are cooped up in a smaller house. Take note though that this will remain in one spot in the backyard, unlike the smaller A-frame chicken house that can be easily taken from one place to another.

The last and most modern coop kind is the Eglu. Plans focused on this kind of pen for your hens will make you shell out more cash because the materials needed here are more expensive than the ones needed for the first 2 kinds. An eglu coop is made out of plastic, while the Static and the Portable coops are made from wood. Knowing how to build Eglu coops will enable you to come up with more stylish and less difficult to maintain houses for your chickens.

Now that you're enlightened on the different types of homemade chicken coops, you can decide better which one you'll build for your hens.

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