How To Build A Chicken Coop


Home Chicken Coop - DIY Hen House Construction

If you have chickens or if you plan to raise some, you have to think about the home chicken coop that will serve as your hens’ shelter. True, you can buy one, but, if you have limited budget and you want to ensure that the designs meet your requirements, you should just build a coop with your own hands. Below you’ll learn construction pointers that will help you create a house that will truly keep your animals safe.

Deciding how big your chicken coop is going to be

Home Chicken CoopAmong the very first factors you’ll have to consider before constructing a home for your chickens is its size. To determine the size, of course, you have to count the number of hens you own and whether you have a plan to breed fowls or just want to take care of a few of them as pets.

The home chicken coop should be big enough in the sense that it won’t be a crowded place for all of your pets. When you build the coop, make sure that you have at least 4 feet extra space for each hen. Say you have 10 fowls, it is recommended to have at least 40 square feet for the hens’ ‘spots or areas’, and some extra space where you can place food and water, perches, and so on. If you’ll be raising chickens, remember to also incorporate that fact into your hen house designs e.g. enough space for the chicks, warm enough spots where the animals can nest.

Construction of a correctly sized chicken pen is truly important as a house that is too small for your fowls will cause them to become sickly.

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Determining a suitable area to build your home chicken coop

You can’t just build your hens’ pen anywhere. You should assemble it on a place that is not prone to flooding, for instance, a raised part of your land. The chicken pen plans should also include the need to construct the structure in a spot that’s not too near, nor too far from your actual home. If it’s too near, you might be disturbed by the clucking of your pets, and you might smell their scents, poop, and so forth, too much that you might get sick. If the pen is too far, you might put your chickens in danger e.g. you may not hear immediately if there’s a wild animal, or someone trying to steal those fowls.

Coop designs and plans for construction should also include ventilation

You have to build a pen that allows some air to come in and some sunlight warmth to stream in. In other words, the chicken coop should have sufficient ventilation or else your hens will die. You can add small windows or tiny slats around the hen house for ventilation purposes.

These home chicken coop pointers are what you should follow if you plan to construct the chicken coop on your own due to budget and customization concerns.

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