How To Build A Chicken Coop


Finding Easy Chicken Coop Plans

Is Selecting Simple to Build Designs Enough?

Build Your Own Chicken CoopEasy chicken coop plans might be what you're looking for to get started on building your own backyard chicken house. However, are simple designs enough to make your project successful?

Trying to find easy chicken coop plans is understandable if you're not big on carpentry and your backyard coop is your first build and construct project. To make the job easier, here are some tips on what to look for.

Easy to understand designs

You can definitely find free coop blueprints in the Internet by the hundreds. The sheer number of available options might confuse you as to which one to select.

The first thing you need to look for is a simple plan that you, as a layman, can easily understand and build. Look for those that have simple diagrams and do not contain too many details that are actually unnecessary for a simple backyard chicken house.

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Simple enough to execute

Seek designs that require only a handful of common materials and simple tools that you might have in your household and you know how to operate.

If the design requires complicated steps that only seasoned builders can understand, don't bother. It might cost you more to build it than buying a pre-built structure.

Appropriate for your location

There are coop plans particularly designed for cold climates, while there are those that are fit for tropical areas. Choose your designs according to your area's climatology.

Consider the rules (if there are any) in your area. Most major cities have specifications on how backyard coops should be built; from the size to the materials used to the color of the paint, all of these should be addressed in the designs you will choose.

Determine the time frame

Before choosing your designs, determine the time you can allocate to build your backyard structure. The simpler the design, the less time it will take you to finish it.

Consider your budget

Even though you will be building the coop yourself and will probably scrounge for most of the materials, it is possible that you still need to spend some money to complete it if only to print the plans.

You might want to count how much you have in your pocket first before selecting your designs and plans to make sure that you don't overshoot whatever amount you have allocated for your project.

Easy chicken coop plans should be easy to understand and easy to execute. Finding the right one though, might not be as easy if you have no idea what to look for.

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