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This DIY Chicken Coop Guide review will analyze whether you, as a chicken breeder, should purchase Mary Nelson's do-it-yourself guide. We will focus on what this product offers and whether what it gives is worth the money you will have to spend.

Product features

step by step diy chicken coop guidesThe guide contains videos and manuals all designed to provide step by step instructions on how to make a backyard chicken coop. The design plans contained in this material include small, midsize, portable and large coop plans.

Nelson's product also includes a city ordinances guide which provides information on regulations for raising chickens in most major cities. A pre-construction instruction material is also part of the package. To put it simply, this third product is a collection of tips that chicken raisers should read before building their chicken coops.

Aside from the main package, the guide also includes several bonus materials. A video library that tackles various topics like feeding, water system, egg laying and chicken nests is just one of these bonus materials.

There are also guides for common terms and phrases used in poultry farming, information on different chicken breeds, instructions on building incubators and tips on chick brooding.

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Pros and Cons

The best thing about Mary Nelson's diy chicken coop guide is that it is comprehensive; with almost every aspect of chicken breeding covered in the guide materials.

However, the advantage is also its disadvantage. The information might be considered too much by some, particularly those who are not too fond of reading too many materials. It would have been better if all these have been compressed into three or four packages.

Actual Customer Feedback  


"The ChickenDIYguides plans are easy to follow with great illustrations." 

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"Your plans are great! The details and directions for laying out and cutting the wood are a big help."


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When you order the DIY Chicken Coop Guide you'll get:

  • The main Diy Chicken Coop Building Guide which shows you how to build a chicken coop from scratch. 
  • 2 special reports including 6 things you must do before building a chicken coop.
  • A bonus 'raising chickens' video library
  • 4 complimentary DIY guide bonuses. 
  • A 60 day 100% money back guarantee 

The price for DIY Chicken Coop guide is only $39.97. All of the material is digital, so you can get access to it as soon as you have made payment.


If you decide to purchase this guide, you definitely will get a lot of information and a lot of tips. It is definitely worth your money. But is it worth your time? This is the question only you can answer. If you have the time and the patience to go through all the materials, then this one is for you.

Basically, this DIY Chicken Coop Guide review gives Mary Nelson's material a thumbs up. We just wish it wasn't quite as long as it is since we think that it could turn off some potential users who might grab the material if only it was half of its current length. This would be a crying shame as there is a lot of value in this comprehensive guide and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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