How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Pen Plans and Designs

step by step diy chicken coop guidesIn finding chicken pen plans and designs, attention should be paid to the littlest details to make sure that you're picking out the right one. How your backyard coop would turn out largely depends on the plan you would choose.

To help you select the most appropriate chicken pen plans, here are some tips.

Number and breed of chickens

Before choosing your pen designs, make sure that you've already decided how many chickens you will have in your backyard and what breed they would be.

With these details nailed down, you can now choose designs for a coop size that will provide enough space for your chickens and the necessary features that should go with it.

Climate of the area

In choosing your pen design, the climate should be taken into consideration. If you live in an area where it rains more often than not, then you'd better choose plans that have a big emphasis on insulation.

If you live in a sunny, forever-summer vicinity, then choose designs that provide chickens with an area where they can roam and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

The weather will also determine whether you should choose a fixed coop design or a portable one. If the weather in your place is unpredictable, a portable or mobile pen would be the best option as it can be moved from one place to another whenever there is a need.

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Features you should look for

In perusing the hundreds of designs online, look for those that have specs for building roosting poles, nesting boxes, litter boxes and feeds and water containers.

Blueprints that offer steps on how to build a backyard fence and a chicken run on top of details for the coop itself would not be too bad either. Also, look for plans with layouts that allow the front of the pen to be seen from the window of your house so that you can watch your chickens without having to stand guard 24 hours a day.

Protection aspects

The designs should provide ample protection against predators and extreme weather conditions from the way the base is built to the position of windows and doors.

Materials used should also fit the type of protection required for the pen's location. The shape, size and appearance should follow whatever regulations are in place in your area of residence.

Chicken pen plans and designs should address the primary criteria - keeping the chickens comfortable, safe and healthy. And in the case of the builder, it should be easy to build and should not require a lot of money to construct.

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step by step diy chicken coop guides

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