How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coops Pictures

Build Your Own Chicken CoopPeople who have tight budgets and don't have enough money to buy expensive hen houses should resort to homemade coops, in other words, the ones that they build on their own. There are various building plans over the Internet that contain easy to follow steps and chicken coops pictures of whichever designs you're interested in. By building the coop yourself you'll typically save around fifty percent versus the cost of retail by doing this and it's easy as well.

Double Story Ark Coop

The Double Story Ark Coop is recommended if you want a Double Story Ark Coop'more organized' kind of house for your chickens. This Ark chicken coop style is made up of two levels, wherein one level, specifically the bottom, is where you feed the chickens and where they can strut around as well. The top portion is where they can nest; lay their eggs, etc. This homemade hen coop should be made out of really durable materials and should be stable enough so the wind and other harsh weather elements won't be able to topple it down.


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Portable Coops

Chicken coops pictures that show you chicken houses that have wheels are usually referred to as portable chicken coops.

Medium-Sized Coops

Medium Sized CoopThe ones that look bigger and remain fixed on the ground, on the other hand, are considered medium sized coops. Since this type belongs to the list of fixed coop designs, you have to make sure that you select the proper spot as you may have to destroy the whole thing if you suddenly decide that you need to move it to another area. What's good about a medium-sized homemade house for hens is that it offers more space, and is able to provide enhanced protection from predators and bad climate compared to smaller sized coops.

Large Coops

Large CoopHen house plans that have chicken coops pictures showing a larger number of hens inside the coops are usually meant for people who will be breeding chickens. This means that they'll be needing large chicken coops that can house at least 12 chickens each. Chicken breeders should really decide on following large designs from the start to avoid the dilemma of overcrowded chickens. When chickens are overcrowded, they fight a lot and become unhealthy. Make sure though that your yard has enough space for a large hen house and that you have enough money to buy all the materials and tools your guide will require.

Small Coops

A small, homemade coop is meant for people who own just a few chickens e.g. from 1 - 4. Small chicken coops are more often than not made to be movable. They are truly convenient because when your hens defecate, you can just move the coop to another spot while you easily clean the poop. If you are thinking about keeping smaller-sized chickens you should also read about building Bantam chicken coops.

Chicken Barn Designs

Chicken BarnChicken barn designs, on the other hand, may be larger than most hen houses, and can usually house more than a dozen fowls. You can transform your old shed into a barn or you can start constructing it from scratch. This can take a day or more to build, depending on how well versed you are with carpentry.

The guide you follow should contain chicken coops pictures e.g. what the finished product should look like plus step by step diagrams and photos, so you'll have an idea whether you're doing the project correctly or not. 

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