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Chicken Coops On Wheels

Chicken Coops On WheelsIf you're a newbie chicken breeder, or have decided to take on chickens as pets, or as a source of income e.g. selling their eggs, you'll realize that you'll have to prepare a coop for them in order to provide sufficient shelter and protection. You can purchase one or even better still, you can construct one yourself to ensure that the coop will meet all your requirements in terms of size and design, yet still be very affordable. When caring for just a handful of hens, consider a portable coop. Chicken coops on wheels are convenient and can bring about perks that other coop styles can't give.

Just as the name implies, wheeled coops are hen houses that have wheels on them so that they can be transferred with no problems at all from one spot to another. Stationary coops, on the other hand, just remain rooted to one spot as moving them can mean having to destroy most of their parts and having to rebuild them again.

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Imagine this: during the summer when it becomes too hot, you can just roll over the portable chicken house to a shady location. When winter sets in, chicken coops on wheels can be transferred in as fast as a few seconds to an area that's near your porch or on the porch itself to lessen the coldness that creeps into the coop. In the event you'll have to move to another house, you can simply transfer the movable coop into a truck and bring it to your new home without even breaking sweat.

You can make a movable hen house of whatever size, but it is advisable that you stick to a small or medium sized portable coop. If you make a home for your hens that's too big, you'll have the dilemma of looking for bigger wheels and other more generously proportioned materials that will make it possible for you to attach wheels into the big coop. If you have a large flock of chickens, it may be best to divide them in groups and make several small or medium-sized chicken coops on wheels e.g. 4 - 5 hens per coop. Otherwise, you'll have to stick to bigger coop styles that come with no wheels.

There are so many coop building guides over the World Wide Web that you can depend on for instructions on how to construct portable chicken coops. Be sure that you get one or two guides that you can follow, and that the instructions they contain are suited to your (and your chickens') requirements or needs. The size and dimensions should be correct or should be able to accommodate the total amount of chickens you have; the materials should not be difficult to find and the instructions should be easy to follow.

Chicken coops on wheels are truly convenient. If you want an easy-to-clean and movable coop that you can 'bring anywhere' e.g. to another side of the yard, to a spot with no flood and to a safer location, it's a practical solution to build a chicken house with wheels. 

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