How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop Tractor Design

Caring for chickens requires you to think about the actual design of the chicken house you'll be building for your fowls. One of the most recommended styles for hen owners who want a movable and convenient coop is the chicken coop tractor, also known as the chicken ark. Before searching for plans or for a coop building kit you can follow or assemble, you should learn some basics first.

Chicken Coop TractorFirst and foremost, what makes the aforementioned style stand out is the fact that it is completely portable, specifically because it does not have a floor. There are usually 2 levels included in this chicken house design which makes it more organized than other coop styles. Just think how convenient it will be for you to move the coop from one place to another when you need to, for example, when your hens defecate, when the ants suddenly decide to build a home near the coop's location and so forth.

Before you download chicken coop tractor construction plans online, remember to check that the ark construction resource has detailed information e.g. complete steps and diagrams that will make it easier for you to follow instructions and complete the chicken house successfully. If buying a coop-building kit, see to it too that there's a complete supply of materials and any tools needed for your project. Choosing the right coop design won't work if the guide you're relying on is not accurate or not of good quality.

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Before you construct a chicken coop tractor, bear in mind too that there are some things you have to consider:

1. The actual number of hens you'll be keeping

Whether you'll be constructing an ark, an eglu, or another type of chicken coop, you have to include in your plans the actual number of birds you own and whether you'll just keep them as pets or you'll be breeding them for extra income, specifically eggs and produce. Deciding on the actual design of the coop is not enough; you should also ensure that there's enough space for each chicken, specifically 2 up to 4 square feet of available space per fowl, depending on how small or large your chickens are.

2. The needed materials and tools for the construction

The building a chicken coop guide will supply you with a list of materials as well as tools that you will need. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have complete and correct materials and tools in order to successfully build a chicken ark. You may use scrap wood or second hand tools if you only have a small budget. In the event you pay for a kit to assemble, make certain that it contains all the materials listed on the box plus complete instructions on assembly.

Other chicken coop tractor building reminders include: using durable yet light materials so you won't have problems moving the hen house; placing protective wires on the coop to keep your hens safe from predators and providing proper ventilation.


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 Building a Chicken Coop Guide

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