How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop Layouts And Plans

Chicken Coop LayoutsHaving chickens means that you should also have a coop for your chickens that will give them safe shelter, keeping them protected from things including bad weather and natural predators. If you are going to be building the chicken coop with your hands, you'll need to decide upon the design. There are various building plans or chicken coop layouts found on the Internet that will teach you on how you can create the best hen house for your fowls.

If you are an architect or an expert carpenter, you can come up with a layout yourself, but, if you aren't, you can download a layout from the World Wide Web. Whether you'll be preparing it yourself or you'll be getting one online, you should bear in mind these things:

1. There are several coop designs you can choose from. There's the chicken ark or the chicken coop tractor; the eglu; etc. The guide or plan you make or download should be based on your selected design. It is therefore best that you perform research first on each style before preparing the chicken coop layouts or before downloading any coop building plans.

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2. You should also think about the size of the chicken house. It should be big enough for the actual number of hens you own. You have to provide each chicken with enough room, specifically two to four square feet: at least 2 feet for smaller breeds and at least 4 feet for bigger ones. Additional space, of course, should be left for things you'll put inside the coop such as the waterers, roosts and the feeders. Do not forget the nesting boxes, particularly if you're after the fresh egg supply.

3. Whichever design you choose for the hen house, your plans should also include means of ventilation and of insulation. Most chicken coop layouts will have instructions for making windows to make the coop well ventilated, and the insertion of fibreglass or Styrofoam sheets within the walls to ensure an insulated home for your hens.

4. When preparing a blueprint or when obtaining it from the Internet, consider the kind of materials to be used in the construction. The chicken house should be made from durable materials. If you are using wood, make sure that it is treated. Your hens' home shouldn't be one that can be easily damaged or torn apart by predators or storms.

See to it that you follow or create good quality chicken coop layouts and plans, as following mediocre or incomplete resources will just be a waste of time, effort, and cash, not to mention the fact it will just put your fowls in danger. No matter how great the design is, if the guide is erroneous, or low quality, you won't be able to construct the best house for your chickens.


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