How To Build A Chicken Coop


Do It Yourself Chicken Coop Kits

Using chicken coop kits is not the same as building your chicken house yourself. Building it yourself means that you construct each part on your own using blueprints that you personally selected.

However, we will not think less of you if you prefer to do only half of the work. Purchasing chicken coop kits will give you a coop without the need to construct everything, but you will still be able to satisfy your do it yourself inclinations.

What are chicken coop kits?

Build your own chicken coop step by stepThey come in various types. There are kits for a small, backyard chicken coop with the parts of the coop included in the kit. All you need is to put them together or assemble the parts to come up with a chicken house.

Other kits only contain tools for constructing the coop and some important parts; like roofing, hinges for the door, fasteners plus blueprints and construction plans.

There are more complete kits which include all parts plus add-ons like paint and even paintbrush. Some kits focus only on certain areas of the coop.

For example, a coop heating kit which includes supplies for electronic heating, lighting kits that contain materials for lighting the chicken house and kits that specialize in feeding and watering chickens.

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Advantages of coop kits

The good thing about coop kits is that they make the job easier for you. They can be easily assembled and can save you some time and effort. The job would be easier and you still get to work on the project and have a personal contribution.

These kits can range in price from $150-$700 depending on what's included. If you only need lighting or a heating kit, then these could even be cheaper.

Most kit suppliers throw in extras like tools and snaps for good measure, particularly if they are offering special promo packages.

Kits vs. personally-made coops

Kits would make the job easier, but they could also cost you more. If you make your own coop, you can use recycled materials and save a lot. You can borrow tools so as not to spend additional dollars on those too.

Another potential disadvantage of coop kits is that there are some that are made from weak materials that can give out after a short time. You can't expect to have a sturdy structure if you built it using kits unless you're willing to spend more.

At least if you make it yourself, you can build something more durable, particularly if you have good design plans.

Having said all these, chicken coop kits are not such a bad idea. Just make sure that you've done your homework before purchasing one to avoid having your money go down the drain.

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