How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop Ideas - From Materials to Design

Build Your Own Chicken CoopLooking for chicken coop ideas? If you're planning to make a small project - a backyard home for your chickens for example - and you're in need of some design, materials and size ideas, this report is for you.

Design Ideas

For a small backyard coop, usefulness is more important than aesthetics when you put those chicken coop ideas into action. This doesn't mean that you should not make your coop pretty. After all, you don't want to offend the neighbors, do you?

To address the needs of your flock, make sure that you choose design plans that address the most important parts of a coop. These include the nests, perches, feeds and water containers, litter area and ventilation.

Accessibility to those who would be cleaning the coop should also be part of the design plan. And of course, enough space for you to get your hand and arm through to gather the eggs.

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Materials to be used

If it's a simple coop you want, wood and wire mesh would be the primary materials you would need. Covering, like tarp or poly materials; and roofing supplies, like galvanized or aluminum, should be part of your materials list.

You can either buy these materials from hardware stores or you can gather used or scraps to build your coop. Whether you buy or gather, you should select materials that are easy to clean, can last for a long time and will provide insulation and protection to the chickens.

Size considerations

Before you decide on what size your coop would be, count your chickens first. This is a situation when counting chickens before the eggs are hatched is called for.

Make sure that you don't build a coop that is too small for them that they will feel cramped. Their comfort will play a major role in their states of health and the amount of returns you'll get from your investments.

Measure the area or location where the coop will be placed to leave enough space around it. Consider also the specifications required under your city's rules if you want to build urban chicken coops.

Most of all, make sure that all the necessary parts of a chicken coop can be included in the size you've chosen with enough space left for the flock to stretch their wings and legs.

The chicken coop ideas provided here will help you plan the details of your project and will help you avoid wasting your effort and money. If you build your coop right, you will get the desired returns for your investment. 

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