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This Chicken Coop Guides review investigates this set of blueprints by John White that show you how to build different types and sizes of chicken coop.

What It Offers

Chicken Coop GuidesJohn White's blueprint guides shows people that want to keep chickens how to put together different types of chicken coops that are designed to be sturdy, offer protection from natural predators, practical and easy to clean as well as giving the chickens lots of room to roost and move around. You can put these chicken coops together using simple hand tools.

The creator of these blueprints is a professional architect and woodworker for the past 20 years who prides himself on chicken coop designs that also look good in your back garden, yard or barn.

Inside this package you get 6 full-color blueprints with instructions in PDF format that you can download onto your computer and print out in any size. You also get 4 helpful bonuses which show you chicken keeping basics, how to look after chickens in the city, how to keep your chickens healthy and 111 ways of cooking your eggs so you don't get fed up with the same egg recipes.

The chicken coop plans included in this package are John White's most requested designs which he has field-tested and will hold anything from a few up to 20 chickens depending on the design you choose to build. They include small, medium-sized, large and portable designs.

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Chicken Coop Plans In The Package

The package includes easy-to-follow plans and step by step building instructions for the following do-it-yourself designs.

#1 - The Chicken Barn - This is a full-sized coop for your chickens that usually costs over a thousand dollars to buy in a retail store. It's designed to house 10-20 chickens altogether.

#2 - Chicken Playhouse - This also holds 10-20 chickens and features nesting and roosting areas for your birds.

#3 - Gambrel Chicken Barn - This is a stylish chicken coop that will comfortably hold 10-20 chickens as well. It features a sloping roof and a full-sized door to make access straightforward.

#4 - Poultry Condo - This construction can be scaled up or down but is designed to house 4-6 chickens which makes it an ideal for beginner chicken keepers or anyone that wants a small flock of chickens to look after.

#5 - Poultry Farmer - Again, the dimensions of this building can be scaled up or down to suit your requirements and features 16 roost supports inside and nesting boxes on either side.

#6 - Chicken Wheeler - This is a portable chicken coop which is perfect for confined spaces and highly popular with urban chicken owners. There are wheels on this coop so you can move it whenever you like.

Pros and Cons

Chicken Coop PlansChicken Coop Guides has been created by someone with real-world experience which shows in the standard of these chicken coop designs. John White is a woodworking veteran of 20 years. The designs provided suit beginners who want to look after a few chickens or just have a small flock, right up to the more professional keeper that needs a large chicken coop construction to produce a lot of eggs or run it as a small business.

The blueprint plans are well laid out with illustrations and instructions on how to put together each design. Each design is provided on a separate PDF so you can print out or view exactly the design you want to build, which keeps things both clear and simple. The chicken coop designs in each PDF are digitially drawn using computer software which makes them exceptionally clear and accurate with all the measurements included.

Chicken Coop Guides doesn't contain a quick-start or accompanying manual guide, which is something that would have been additionally useful. However, the plans are comprehensive, easy to follow and most of them can be scaled up or down to suit your individual requirements which offers a lot of flexibility when you are putting together your coop. Obviously you are going to need to be prepared to invest a little time and effort into actually putting the coop together by yourself, which is something most people find both rewarding and fun.

One of the key benefits of this package is that it shows you how to build different types of chicken coops with 6 popular designs that can house anything from just a few up to 20 chickens. By following these instructions and blueprints you can make huge savings over what it would cost to purchase a coop built to this standard from a store.

For example, the portable chicken wheeler design sells in stores for around $549 but will cost you less than $100 to build yourself. The coops that cost over a thousand to buy in-store can be made for a fraction of that price by building the coop yourself following one of these 6 blueprints.

Actual Customer Feedback   


"I recommend this package to anyone that wants to start raising chickens"

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When you order Chicken Coop Guides you'll get:

  • 6 blueprints for building different types of chicken coop.
  • 4 free bonuses ($99.80 total value) which are useful and show you how to look after your chickens.
  • A full 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

The price for Chicken Coop Guides is just $39.95. All of the material included with this package is digital, so you will get immediate access to it and be able to download it onto your computer or MAC. The plans can also be readily printed if required.

Chicken Coop Guides Review - Conclusion

Chicken Coop Guides offers you an inexpensive way to get 6 highly requested blueprints and instructions for building a chicken coop that have been created by a professional with 20 years of experience. It shows you how to make different types of chicken coops including
small, medium-sized, large and portable at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase ready-made coops.

Chicken Coop Guides also provides the additional benefit that the designs will also look fashionable and professional in your chosen location. These coops can also be put together with basic tools. This is a worthy investment choice for anyone that wants to save money by building their own chicken coop and following one of the professional blueprint designs included in this package.

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