How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop Designs

Learn to build your own chicken coopChicken coop designs vary from simple and small to portable to big and premium plans. The best designs though, are the ones you design yourself.

If you're into breeding chickens in your backyard and all you need is a small, simple coop, then you don't need to spend a lot of money on a pre-built one. All you need is a set of tools, some easy-to-follow plans and an enthusiasm in do-it-yourself activities.

Get good plans

To make a simple backyard chicken coop, you're going to need a design plan. Various plans for small chicken coops can be found in the Internet. There are also guide materials for sale from videos to manuals to downloadable documents.

The best chicken coop designs for a backyard structure are those that would fit right into the space allocated for it. So before picking your plans, consider how much space you can reserve for your chickens' home.

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Availability of materials

Various materials are used in coop plans. Before deciding on your design, consider the available materials you have or the amount of money you are willing to spend to buy the materials.

You can find coop designs that make use of recycled building materials, like lumber and scrap materials from old sheds or storage rooms. There are also those that are made from specific materials that suit a particular climate.

In certain cities, regulations are in place that govern backyard breeding of chickens. Make sure that the design you've chosen follows the rules specific in your area.

Other factors to consider

Before settling on a particular design, consider the breed of the chickens you're going to have. The breed will tell you the chickens' size and their feeding habits and how they react to climatic changes. The materials you would use and the structure of your coop will highly depend on these characteristics.

Making your own plans

If you are the creative type and you enjoy making all the decisions, you may also want to make your own design. You don't need to have an engineering degree to do this.

Just put in some time for research and know what your chickens will need and you will be able to tackle the drawing board. Just keep in mind, comfort is more important to chickens than aesthetics.

Chicken coop designs for backyard structures are quite simple compared with bigger and more premium ones. You can get a lot of free plans on the Internet or you can even dabble on making one yourself. 

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