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Chicken Coop
Construction And Plans

Chicken Coop Construction and PlansBuilding a coop for your hens requires preparation, research and a bit of hard work. You'll have to find out which design suits your chickens best. You have to determine the size of the hen house correctly, the best dimensions and materials needed. Of course, you should also have a good guide, specifically chicken coop construction and plans that contain complete instructions and tips on how you can properly construct a home for your fowls.

Here are a few things you have to consider and remember when building the coop:

First and foremost, you should make certain that the home you'll create will be a comfortable shelter for your chickens. It should be big enough with space of at least 4 square feet for each chicken. If there isn't enough space per bird, there's sure to be more fighting amongst each other, not to mention faster spread of illnesses among your hens.

Think about whether you'll want the chicken house to be stationary or to be movable or portable. The A frame chicken coops design and the ark style are the usual types of coops that can be made either fixed or portable. If you'll only care for 2 - 5 hens, the size of their coop can be small. If you'll have more than 5 chickens and also plan to breed more in the succeeding months, you should make use of big dimensions for the coop.

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Chicken coop construction and plans will also focus on various materials for building the hen house. For instance, there are plans or resources that give instructions on creating coops made out of wood. Some guides, however, teach people on how to make plastic coops. Others may combine wood and metal or wire and wood. The types of things and tools you'll are included in the list of factors that you should look into before you build the house for your fowls.

Aside from the design and size of the hen coop, it is also important to look for the best location for it. Avoid constructing the coop on an area with tall grass as you may not notice that a predator has discovered the home of your chickens. You should also ensure that it is built on a spot where flooding does not occur. Do not place it near a garbage dump. It's best to construct the hen house on elevated ground, in a shady area and near a water supply for healthier chickens as well as convenience on your part.

Apart from the actual dimensions and materials, remember that included in the list of must do instructions is for you to build a coop that has good ventilation as that can ensure that your hens will have a substantial amount of oxygen for them to be healthy. Adding windows with chicken wires is one way to give ventilation plus protection for chickens.

Lastly, you should make certain that the chicken coop construction and plans you'll utilize are reliable and complete. Check out the best chicken coop building guides reviews first before making your purchase.

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