How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop Building Plans

Finding chicken coop building plans is very easy. Just surf the Internet and you will see hundreds of design plans and various products that offer instructions on how to build one.

Before choosing your chicken coop building plans, there are several things that you need to consider first. In this report, we will highlight some of these things to help you select the best construction plan for your coop.

Size matters

Build your own chicken coop step by stepDepending on whether you plan on raising a couple of hundreds of chickens or a small number of flock that you can house in your backyard, your design plan should be chosen according to its ability to accommodate the number of your chickens.

There are plans available for every design size. Small, midsize, large, premium and portable designs can all be found in the Internet and in manuals and media materials that are being sold by chicken coop designers.

Materials to be used

Whether you plan on using scrap materials (old barrels, wood from deconstructed sheds and storage rooms, old pipes and abandoned wire fences) or new supplies that you plan on purchasing from hardware stores, you will not be short of available design plans.

Before you choose your design plans, think of what materials you will be using. Of course, the issue of budget comes in here also. Are you willing to spend money on materials or are you game to just gather scrap supplies or old and used ones?

The weather condition in your area will also play a role. A wire mesh covered with tarp is good enough for a tropical climate, while a stronger, wooden structure is a must if the weather is a bit more cruel in your area of residence.

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Parts of the coop

It would be best to build your coop using a design plan that caters to all your chickens' needs. So, it is best to know what necessities are important to your flock.

First, they should have a place to roost or rest. The design plan should have a provision for an area where chickens can rest at night. They don't really need a bed, just a horizontal piece of wood or material where they can stay while they hide their beaks under their wings.

The plan should also include a place for hens to lay their eggs. It should be a semi-protected area of the coop where other chickens will not be able to trample on these precious eggs.

Ventilation is also a major concern for chickens. Find a design plan where air entry and exit is given emphasis. Also, find a sound design with provisions for feeds and water containers.

Chicken coop building plans can range from simple to complicated. In choosing a construction plan, take stock of the factors discussed above so as not to disappoint your feathered friends. 

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