How To Build A Chicken Coop


Chicken Ark Plans - Why Many Wish To Build Hen Arks

There are many chicken coop styles and designs and one of the most popular is the so called hen ark. This kind of ark can be made portable or a fixed type. Below you'll find pointers on how to build one, common facts and tips found in chicken ark plans, the usual dimensions, and so on:

Benefits Of Hen Arks

Chicken Ark PlansMore and more chicken breeders and owners today prefer to construct arks for their fowls. First and foremost, this design is simple to make. It is not as complicated as building an eglu for your chickens.

It is also the kind of coop that will surely give the chickens enough air. Thus, if you're concerned about your birds not having enough ventilation, better opt for the ark chicken coops design. You can also make it portable by placing wheels underneath the coop, but, this works well on a small sized ark.

Another benefit of this style that makes a lot of people want to build it is the larger rooms or spaces that will prevent overcrowding of chickens, thereby making chicken ark plans really sought after by people who wish to ensure better health in their hens.

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Other Must Know Facts About Chicken Arks

You can make your ark small or big, depending on the number of chickens you plan to house in it. The basic ark dimensions that can house about 2 - 4 chickens are the following: 1 x 3 sized lumber for the frame, specifically the A-frame; 1 x 3 sized lumber as well for the hutch, to be specific, for wood divisions and support. A 2 x 4 lumber is sufficient for the base of the ark.

If you'll be raising backyard chickens yet you don't have a large space in your backyard for building a big coop, you may want to build an ark patterned on the actual Noah's ark in the Bible. Though this type can't really be made portable, it can take up a smaller space, but, can still hold a large number of hens because of its levels. If you're interested, you should look for chicken ark plans that concentrate on multi tiered styles and designs as those plans will teach you how to make an ark that has several compartments and extra spaces to be able to accommodate more fowls, plus still have enough space for feeding, nesting and 'chicken exercise'.

Whether you'll be building a hen ark, an eglu, or a static chicken coop with runs, you should not forget these things:

1. Make nesting boxes and roosts or perches for your hens.
2. Think about ways to give the hen house sufficient insulation and ventilation.
3. Build the coop on a safe spot e.g. does not flood, can't be dug deep by predators to get to your birds, and the like.

Do not forget to research on the best chicken ark plans, too. This means that before downloading a coop plan, you should see first whether that plan has good reviews from other people. It's well worth checking out our best chicken coop building guides reports for more information on this.

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