How To Build A Chicken Coop


Cheap Chicken Coops - Things To Incorporate In Your Plans

When starting to raise hens, a lot of people almost faint at the price of ready made hen houses. If you have plans of breeding some chickens, but you don't have enough budget to buy a pre built coop, do not panic. Building cheap chicken coops with your own two hands is not that hard. You just need a guide or a tutorial on how to construct coops for chickens. Once you have a reliable guide, you can start creating the pen for fowls. Here are some tips and tricks that, when utilized, will make you a successful coop builder.

The Coop's Recommended Size

Build Cheap Chicken CoopsOne of the things that you should always consider prior to putting up a hen house is the size. Will you need a small chicken coop or a large coop for your hens? If you only have a couple of hens, you should choose small building plans. If you have a bigger number of fowls, the tutorials you should look for should focus on the construction of large sized pens.

As a rule, see to it that each chicken has a space of 4 square feet at least, plus additional room for nesting boxes for egg laying and perching structures.

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The Materials

Cheap chicken coops usually have wood as their main material. If you only have a small amount of cash you can use for completing materials needed for constructing a home for your chickens, better use wood. You can make use of unused plywood, or recycled wood e.g. the ones from an old furniture, wood from your friends' used Christmas trees, etc. Remember to include this into your plans for building pens for the hens: have the wood treated before using it for the project. Treating is done to make the material water resistant. Treated wood will protect your animals from rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions.

To make cheap chicken coops warmer, do not forget to place some straw or hay on the floors. Replace those hay or straw at least 1 - 2 times a month to keep the hen house clean, which is important for the good health of your chickens.

Placing some chicken wires on the door, windows, or any opening in the pen is also a good idea when building the coop as those wires can give extra protection from predators that will try to enter the pen to snack on the hens.

Most chicken house construction plans will also mention the importance of making the roof of the coop stronger e.g. place breeze blocks on top of the roof so that the wind won't be able to blow away or destroy the roof and so that wild animals such as wolves, foxes and other predators will find it impossible to chew up the roof or remove the roof to get to the chickens.

You don't need a large sum of cash just to be able to care for hens, specifically place them in a safe and good shelter - just set up cheap chicken coops instead of purchasing costly pre-made coops.

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