How To Build A Chicken Coop


Backyard Chicken Coop

Build Your Own Chicken CoopA backyard chicken coop sounds like a great project. You get to practice your carpentry skills and at the same time, build something that will be useful to your livelihood.

But it is not as easy as just deciding to make one; you need to make plans, find the right design and gather materials for your project. And of course, you need to build a coop that will serve its purpose - provide a home for your feathered flock.

Let's look at some of the challenges inherent in building a backyard chicken coop. First, because it will be in your backyard, the smell of litter will likely be a constant companion.

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A simple solution, though, is available. Regularly clean the coop. Better yet, gather the droppings and use them as fertilizer for your garden. Potential complaints from your neighbors will likely galvanize you in doing the clean up regularly anyway.

Another potential hazard is danger from predators. If it's in your backyard, the most likely culprits will be your pet dog and pet cat. The ones at most risk are the little chicks.

Short of guarding your coop 24-7, the step you can take is put a protective fence around your chicken coop. Keeping your cat and dog inside the house is also an option, although that wouldn't be healthy for both.

Backyard coops are generally small so space would be a concern. There should be enough floor space for the chickens and extra spaces for laying eggs, roosting and feeding.

This can be solved by finding good design plans. Proper positioning of coop parts will provide for all these necessities without eating up too much space. A duplex-like backyard coop is probably your best bet.

This just means a dog-house coop structure combined with another that is made from wire mesh. The first is for providing a roof over the chickens heads when it rains; the latter, to let them roam under the sunlight when weather permits it.

We have been discussing about potential hassles of a backyard coop, but it doesn't mean that it does not have advantages. There are a lot actually.

First, you can be immediately aware of any danger to your chickens as they live as near to you as it is possible. Second, most backyard chicken houses are small and portable and can be moved from one place to another. Easier to clean this way and easier to evacuate if there is a need.

Third, they are quite easy to build. Getting your hands on good design plans takes you one step closer to building a functional structure.

A backyard chicken coop has a lot of advantages, but it also poses some problems. However, there are ways to get around these problems and consulting the discussion above will give you some ideas.

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