How To Build A Chicken Coop


Ark Chicken Coops - The Chicken Tractor Design

Build Ark Chicken CoopsOne of the most common do it yourself hen houses is the so called ark chicken coops, also referred to as the chicken tractors. This kind of design is considered modern, and is usually as small as the traditional A-frame chicken pen, and is more often than not, movable or portable. Even if you only have little space in your garden or yard to build a house for chickens on, you can still make the ark type of coop.

The following are the common characteristics of chicken arks:

1. It does not have a complicated enclosure. You usually have to use chicken wire only to keep your fowls enclosed in this kind of pen. You just need materials that are very easy to get a hold of for the construction of ark chicken coops: wood and wire.

2. A coop floor is not incorporated into the design. Since this kind of coop doesn't have a floor, it is safe to say that your chickens will 'enjoy' your garden more. They can dig on or scratch on real soil, and we all know that chickens love doing that. Not having an actual floor, however, can be a bit life threatening for chickens since predators will find it easier to dig under and make a fine meal out of your birds. During snowy days, or rainy days, the floorless coops can also too cold for the hens. Ark chicken coops are therefore best built on cities that have nicer weather, and locations where the presence of predators is rare.

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3. The ark design is also made up of a number of levels, commonly 2 levels, where the bottom level is meant for feeding and for chicken plays e.g. where the hens can roam around; and the top level meant for nesting purposes. If you own more than 4 hens and you only have a small space in the garden or the backyard, you can still build a spacious home for your fowls, specifically build a chicken tractor with several levels to fit all the chickens in yet still be able to give them comfortable 'quarters'.

4. Chicken tractors, to be specific the small sized ones, are also portable, more often than not. Attaching two wheels will make it possible for you to move the tractor whenever and wherever you want. Just make sure that you build it using durable materials so that the parts won't fall off or be weakened every time you move the coop to another location.

Ark chicken coops are easy to construct and very much affordable compared to other coop styles, e.g. the Eglu hen house design. No matter how small or large the garden or the back yard is, you will be able to fit an ark hen house in it - one that's of the right size and big enough to house your birds comfortably. Follow chicken ark plans to build a coop you'll be proud of and it will also keep your flock of chickens happy and healthy.


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