How To Build A Chicken Coop


A Frame Chicken Coops - Vital Inclusions In Your Plans

There are various styles of coops for hens that you can build. One design that can be Build a Chicken Coopconsidered the simplest to construct is the A-frame coop. A frame chicken coops are those that are shaped like triangles, or in the shape of the letter A, which explains why the above mentioned name is given to this kind of coop style. Simple materials are usually used in this project e.g. pieces of plywood, screws or nails, a saw and a drill. Most people can finish this coop in just one day or even less. Of course, there are some things and factors that need to be present in your plans for you to become successful in building a home for your chickens.

The Protection Of The Chickens

When planning to create A frame chicken coops, chicken owners should see to it that they'll look into the protection of their birds e.g. from wild animals, from bad weather, and so forth. The A-frame design usually makes use of chicken wires to keep any predator at bay. Wires may not be as strong as other materials, but, if you use thicker wires and combine it with durable frames, your hens will have better protection. The actual area where you'll build the coop should also be included in your building plans as the right location can enhance your chicken's protection from predators and the harsh climate. Constructing the hen house in a shaded area on a ground that does not experience frequent flooding is definitely required.

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The Convenience Offered By The Coop

A frame chicken coops are also more convenient than other kinds of coop. This design is usually portable, which means that you'll have less difficulty when it comes to cleaning the pen, moving it to another spot in case its original location actually floods, and the likes. Because this type of chicken house is more often than not small in size, you can attach two wheels on its base to make it movable.

The Health Of Your Birds

Whether you'll be creating an a-frame house, an ark chicken coop, or an eglu, you should consider the health of your chickens and make room for that consideration in your hen house plans. First and foremost, the chickens should have enough space, specifically at least four square feet per each fowl. This is so they won't fight amongst themselves. Overcrowded coops will definitely make chickens more sickly, which is something every chicken breeder or owner would surely want to avoid. Adding some windows or some vents in the coop is also important for good ventilation that is also important for the hens' good health.

A frame chicken coops are the cheapest and easiest to construct. If you'll be taking care of only a few chickens e.g. 1 - 4 fowls, this kind of design is highly recommended.

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